The Reality of Starting Your Own Business

Chances are, if you’re reading this you are excited about starting a mobile coffee van business. But whilst owning a coffee van can be very rewarding, it’s important to remember that the success of your business relies on a huge number of essential factors. In fact, a large quantity of new Australian businesses fail within a few years.

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s 2017 “Small Business: An Economic Overview” shows that most small non franchised businesses in Australia will fail in their first few years of existence, and in particular:

  • 60% of sole proprietor businesses fail
  • 40% of 1-4 person businesses fail
  • 30% of 5-19 person businesses fail
  • 40% of small businesses that don’t go broke are still not profitable

So why do most start-ups fail within the first few years?

Most small businesses are started by people with a great idea, a great product and no experience.  To be successful in any business, YOU need to have a complete understanding of the industry, or position yourself with a group of people who have that understanding.

Why Joining a Mobile Coffee Van Franchise Works

Do have some coffee industry experience and are considering going it alone in the mobile coffee van business? Are you apprehensive about investing in a franchise? Before you decide which form your business will take, consider this question:

Would you build your own house or would you get a builder to build it?

Even if you’ve dabbled in building projects in the past, when it comes to the house you’ll actually live in you would always get a builder to build it. You wouldn’t even consider building it yourself unless you had a complete understanding of that industry and the skill sets needed.

So why start your own mobile coffee business unless you have complete industry knowledge and the skill sets needed to make the business succeed?

To be successful in the mobile coffee business, you need to gain a complete understanding of the business. This requires working in the coffee industry for at least two or three years. But why spend time working for someone else when there are industry professionals offering the ongoing training and support to start your own mobile coffee van franchise now?

Espresso To Go know everything there is to know about mobile coffee vans and when you join as a franchise, you can trust that a successfully proven formula that works is in place.

Convincing Franchise Statistics

Between 2014 and 2016 the franchise sector grew by an estimated 6000 franchise units, representing a net increase of 8.2 percent. And, more excitingly, the total sales turnover for the franchising sector during this period was estimated to be $144 billion!

The majority of franchisees over this period also experienced a 9 per cent increase in revenue and a 5 per cent increase in profits!

Joining a franchise is obviously a safe and reliable option for starting your own business.

The Tools You Need to Succeed

So what do you need to know and what skills are required to run a mobile coffee business successfully? Test your knowledge about the mobile coffee industry by seeing how many of the following questions you can answer:

  • Have you set your company objectives?
  • Have you realistically forecast your potential sales?
  • Have you set a detailed budget to achieve those required sales?

Creating goals and tracking your progress towards meeting them is vital to turning over a profit. Espresso To Go have company objectives to guide you towards success.

We also provide training and support to help you forecast potential sales and achieve the required sales targets. When you join an Espresso To Go coffee van franchise you will even be assigned your own franchise support manager to assist you in reaching your long term sales goals.

  • Do you have the right skills and attitude?
  • Are you well equipped to physically operate the business?
  • Do you know how to engineer a coffee run?

Having the right skills is not enough to be a success in this business. A big part of your success comes down to your drive, passion and positive attitude. If you love coffee, enjoy interacting with people, and approach life with a positive attitude, you have started on the path to success in the mobile coffee van industry.

The next step to success is engineering an efficient coffee run that generates profit. This is a time consuming task but it is essential to ensuring the highest return on investment possible. At Espresso To Go, we work with you to develop a coffee run that solidifies a quality and high quantity customer base in your area.

  • Can you effectively advertise and market a mobile coffee business?
  • Can you improve your competitive position?
  • How do your prices compare to competitors and do they match your market niche?

Your business needs to get noticed.  Fortunately, Espresso To Go is known for great quality coffee, which makes staying on top of the competition with effective advertising and promotions easier. With an Espresso To Go mobile coffee business you can proudly stand behind our reliable brand and provide customers with coffee at competitive prices at the same time.

When you join Espresso To Go you will receive full training on marketing techniques as part of our business development program. This will provide you with the ability to implement a 12-month marketing campaign and take advantage of promotional opportunities.

  • Are you creating new customers and how?
  • Are you retaining existing customers and why?
  • Do you have good customer service relations and attitude?
  • Do you follow up customers before, during and after sales?
  • Do you analyse every sale and see where you can do better?

Maintaining your customer base and generating new leads is key to success in this business. Part of achieving this means ensuring you consistently produce a high standard of coffee and maintain friendly customer service with a smile.

Another part of expanding your customer base is analysing every sale to find areas where you can improve. When you join the Espresso To Go franchise, if you are struggling in any of these areas, we are committed to providing all the  support and assistance you will need.

  • Are you fully trained in coffee making?
  • Do you understand coffee beans and know the correct temperature and moisture levels for appropriate storage?
  • Do you know, and can you source the best equipment to use? This includes the coffee machine, group handles, baskets, shower screens, grinders, tamps, dosing tools and spillage rings.
  • Can you rely on your own knowledge to ensure your equipment is suitably serviced and maintained to assure consistent quality of coffee.
  • Are you aware of the different elements that go into making a good cup of coffee, such as volume, dose, tamp, grind, extraction time, milk stretching and milk texturing?
  • How do you ensure a good quality product that tastes better than that of any other coffee van 100% of the time?

Whilst great coffee isn’t the only factor that comes to running a successful mobile coffee business, if your coffee is anything less than exceptional you’ll never succeed.

To make an unrivalled  cup of coffee that delights your customers you need to understand all aspects involved in creating the ultimate coffee experience, this does not take hours to achieve it takes weeks and weeks to achieve .

That is why every Espresso To Go franchisee takes part in professional barista training, 9 days classroom and a minimum of 3 weeks on the job barista training. Furthermore, every Espresso To Go mobile coffee van is fitted with quality equipment including a Wega 2 Group Automatic Coffee Machine and Mazzer Coffee Bean Grinder. Espresso To Go will help you apply the very best techniques to make quality coffee every time that will rival the competition.

  • Do you have good credit management and control?
  • Are your charge rates up to date and do you fully detail all costs?
  • Do you check your unsold time daily?
  • Are you controlling your expenses?
  • Do you have good accounting and budgeting practices?

Attention to detail is important when it comes to keeping track of your expenses and maintaining the very best accounting and budgeting practices. If you are unfamiliar with determining the best pricing, controlling costs and generating profit, our business development program will give you all of the information and tools you need.

Have You got What it Takes to be a Success?

As you can see, it takes a lot more than most people think to turn a mobile coffee van business into a success. At Espresso to Go, we know all of the ins and outs of the coffee business, and we want to pass that information on to you to make sure that your new business will flourish.

Together with YOUR commitment, passion and go-getter attitude and OUR hands-on training and support to build your business and create your customer base, you can trust that you are in good hands when you purchase a mobile coffee van business from Espresso To Go.

Contact us by filling out our contact form or call us on 1300 853 666 to join the Espresso To Go mobile coffee van franchise today.



I started my independent mobile coffee business in February and closed the doors in April of the same year. There is a lot more to this business than you would think. If I ever did it again I would work in a café for a couple of years and learn the ropes first.

– Julian from North QLD  (Independent Operator)


I had 15 years in the industry before I went out on my own and I am happy to say I have a very successful mobile coffee business. My advice learn the coffee industry first otherwise you are heading for disaster.

– Roy from Brisbane


I could not decide whether to join a franchise or go it alone. After speaking with a company in Sydney who built coffee vans, they convinced me that going it alone was a far better choice, no fees, no rules, go anywhere I wanted to, that making good coffee was easy, you will have no trouble selling loads of coffee, everyone wants coffee they said. How wrong they were. I found making good coffee not easy at all, the courses only skimmed over the process, you need to be trained for weeks to get it right.

The marketing was a nightmare and sure everyone wants coffee, but only really good coffee and I got wiped out by some really professional franchise groups who knew how to make really really good coffee.

If you are going to survive and make good money you need to know what you are doing.

– Carl Stedman from Sydney


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