It’s All About the Coffee

So you are thinking about getting into the mobile coffee business.

A mobile coffee van is a great business and a great lifestyle. It’s the perfect investment for anyone with a passion for coffee and people. But how do you choose the right one?

You’ve probably noticed that every coffee franchise you talk to tells you they have the best vans, the best equipment, the best training. They point out their low fees, and share glossy pictures of their sleek vans.

Now don’t get me wrong – all these things are important. But at Espresso To Go, we believe the secret to choosing the right mobile coffee business isn’t about the look of the vans (though ours look pretty good), or even the fee structure (though our fees can be zero). Instead, the secret to choosing the right mobile coffee business is simple: it’s all about the coffee.

So when you’re looking to buy a mobile coffee business, there’s one easy – and important – way to compare your options: taste the coffee.

The Coffee Challenge

If the franchise you choose has really great coffee, it stands to reason that the training, equipment and vans are really good too.

You can’t hide bad coffee. You can’t hide really great coffee, either. Which is why tasting the coffee is the secret to choosing the right mobile coffee business for you.

At Espresso To Go, we help people get into a great business and a great lifestyle with our coffee vans. However, we don’t want you to take our word for it. Instead, we invite you to take the coffee challenge.

If you’re thinking about buying into our mobile coffee van franchise, come and taste the coffee.

It’s the coffee that’s the secret to a successful coffee van business.


Sydney Fine Food Festival 2015: 2 Silver 2 Bronze

Golden Bean International Awards Port Douglas Qld November 2015: 1 Silver 1 Bronze

Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2016: 2 Bronze 

Golden Bean Awards 2017: 2 Silver 


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